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The number one way to get more business online is to have great blog content, but like your house needs maintaining, so does your blog.

We thought it was about time to give you the rock solid proven methods we’ve spent 10 years working on.

Let us show you how good your uniquely designed blog will look before any payment, or commitment. Keep scrolling down for more.

Three Step Starter

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Choose a free domain name. Already bought one? Transfer it to us for free.


Give us a few initial ideas and one of our designers will create a logo and website, that’s just for you…


Review your site & logo – let us know if you want it to go live, zero pressure.

Easy & Free Questionnaire

I had tried working my way through a free website builder and got lost….

BizBlog simply created it for me. No song and dance, it just works 🙂

Bryan Armstrong

Computer Retailer

I love the simple one direct debit for everything. 

And unlike most hosting companies, I know that they are UK based.

Kelly M

Why small business owners choose us

Lucky charm not required

You have a million choices when deciding on a new website. There’s very expensive, cheap or even free.

Usually you only discover how frustratingly bad they are after signing 3 year long contract.

Don’t take pot luck.

We’ll help you get your online image looking great, with a brilliant theme and personally designed logo.

We have a no obligation, try before you buy offer.

No commitment – leave anytime

We won’t hold you to ransom, if you ever decide to leave us. 

No. We’ll probably shed a tear or two, but we’ll get over it and then transfer your domain to your new designers. No hard feelings.

We hear a lot of horror stories. Some companies will ask for a large termination fee, or worse still, just keep hold of your domain.

We’re a small business, just like you that actually does care.

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Free logo design and site test drive

We want you’re shiny new site to have a fast and clean lift off.

To be taken seriously, it needs to look good and load fast. We’ll create a totally custom design, to make your website professional, straight out of the blocks.

And if you don’t like the look or design of it it…. just let us know and we’ll work with you to get it right! Start Here



Problems happen

If it can go wrong…. it will – there are lots of hackers and bad guys out there.

We’ve got your back covered.

Your website will be kept totally up to date and we’ll toughen it up to make things as difficult as possible for anyone to get in there.

What have you got to lose? Start Here


BizBlog took all the effort out of building my website and getting it to look good.

My site loads up really quick and whenever I have any questions, I always get a helpful and happy response. I’ve also picked up some great new business from online searchers.

Dave Pearson

We will help get your website off to the best start possible

Simple Pricing Structure

Payments by direct debit, for ultimate security.

Our Web Design Service Has You Covered

Test us out and complete the simple online questionnaire now.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an up front charge.
To view your website, with dummy content and personalised logo is totally free and without obligation.

If you’re happy with the look and feel, we’ll ask for a monthly payment of £9.98 by direct debit.

You’re free to leave at any time. We don’t want you to be unhappy!

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate any accounts that aren’t using our hosting for running a normal small business website.

What do I actually get
We will work with you to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. 

It will load quickly and because we have designed a logo for you, it will have a clean and professional appearance.

Software is constantly updating, so any new updates are totally free and will be applied immediately.

What payments do you accept
We currently only take payments by direct debit. You set this up by completing an online form that we will email to you.

This means we can keep costs to a minimum and pass the savings on to you.

If you ever have a query with any payment, you have the full direct debit banking guarantee. Safe for you and for us.